Award of Merit Honorees

Award of Merit

The purpose of the Award of Merit shall be to honor an individual from the Greater Chicagoland area who has contributed to the advancement and progress of the Polish Community in Chicago in some special way or by a history of service thereto. The Awardee need not necessarily be Polish-American nor necessarily a member of the legal profession. The Awardee will not normally be a member of the Society, except in a most unusual circumstance. The Award will be presented at the Installation dinner held annually in February at which the Awardee will normally be the principal speaker.

Past Award of Merit Recipients

2014 Ald. Regner E. Suarez
2013 Harlan Berk
2012 Mitch Wiet
2011 Honorable Judy Baar Topinka
2010 Honorable Michael R. Zalewski
2009 Richard and Maria Ciesla
2008 Kazamiera “Kasia” Bober
2006 Chester A. Lizak
2005 Andrew T. Przybylo
2004 Romuald E. Matuszczak
2003 Joan and George E. Kosinski
2002 Polish American Police Association
2001 William H. Powell
2000 Legion of Young Polish Women
1999 Honorable Aurelia Pucinski
1998 Thaddeus J. Makarewicz
1997 Edward J. Moskal
1996 Most Reverend Thomas Paprocki
1995 Dr. Constantine Kiamos
1994 Honorable Mary Ann McMorrow
1993 Richard P. Bogusz, Sr.
1992 Polish American Association
1991 Lucyna Migala & Lira Singers
1990 Honorable Paul Simon
1989 Helen Szymanowicz
1988 Honorable Roman Pucinski
1987 Honorable Daniel Rostenkowski
1986 Honorable Frank Annunzio
1985 Most Reverend Alfred Abramowicz
1984 Honorable Eugene Wachowski
1983 Honorable Aloysius Mazewski

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