General Membership

Any person of Polish descent or affinity, duly licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction, is eligible for membership in this Society, regardless of race or religion.  A condition of membership shall be absolute and unqualified loyalty to the constitution of the United States of America.

Law Student Membership

Any person meeting the requirements of General Membership, except that such person is not licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction, but is a student attending an accredited law school, shall be eligible for Student Membership in the Society.  Upon admission to the practice of law in any jurisdiction, Student Members shall automatically become Regular Members of the Society.  Student Members shall have all the rights and privileges of Regular Members, except they cannot vote, hold office in the Society, be chairs of any committees or be members of the Board of Governors. 

Honorary Membership

The Society may confer Honorary Membership upon any person who has made an outstanding contribution to jurisprudence.  Honorary Members shall not be required to pay any dues or special assessments.

Retirement Status as a Member

Any member in good standing for at least ten (10) years immediately preceding his or her application for retirement status, who has attained age sixty-five (65) years or more and has retired from all active employment and not resumed any active employment, may upon application to the Board of Governors and the affirmative vote of a majority of members in good standing voting at any General Membership meeting, be excused from the future payment of dues and special assessments.  Any such member shall continue to enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership.  Retirement status may be conferred upon any member in good standing who becomes totally disabled, physically or mentally, and is unable to engage in any active employment.  Such retirement status may be requested by a member of the Society or the member’s family.  Full Attorney Membership shall be resumed upon the cessation of the disability. 

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